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Pharmacology is one of the important subjects which deal with detailed study of drugs particularly their actions on living beings, organs or tissues. It includes allied topics like pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, therapeutics, toxicology, chemotherapy, pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacoeconomics and clinical pharmacy. Thus, Pharmacology is an important subject which connects pharmacy to medical sciences.

The undergraduate and post-graduate laboratory has excellent facilities and is equipped with sophisticated instruments, equipments and well maintained CPCSEA approved animal house. The equipments and instruments are used largely to study drug effects on isolated tissues/organs, whole animals, drug screening programs and evaluating drug effects both at cellular and molecular level. There are two recognized M.Pharm. guides.

The Department is also engaged in other professional activities such as:
a) Bioavailability / Bioequivalence studies on marketed medicinal products
b) Preclinical toxicity (acute & sub acute) studies and
c) Other related consultancy services to Pharmaceutical Industry and allied group of companies.

Faculty Members (currently guiding post graduate students):
Dr. (Mrs.) Vandana S Panda : Associate Professor
Dr. (Mrs.) Mrinal M Sanaye : Assistant Professor

Grant Sanctioned: Rs. 4,94,000/-
Funding Agencies: AICTE, University of Mumbai, Industry projects.

Areas of Interest:
1. Effectiveness of herbal/synthetic drug therapy for
2. Treatment of CNS disorders
3. Cardioprotective activity
4. Treatment of lifestyle disorders
5. Immunomodulatory activity
6. Pharmacokitnetic studies of anti-cancer drugs
7. Hepatoprotective activity
8. Acute toxicity studies

Number of Publications in the last five years: 38

Important publications since 2009:
1. In vitro antioxidant studies of leaf of Mimosa Pudica. International Journal of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences.,Vol. 6(2),66-76, 2015.
2. Wound healing activity of the inflorescence of Typha elephantina (Cattail). International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds.,Vol. 13 (1), 50-57, 2014.
3. Antioxidant and cardioprotectiveeffects of Garcinia indica (kokoberry), an Indian super fruit in isoproterenol induced myocardial necrosis in rats. Journal of Berry Research.,Vol. 4,159-174, 2014.
4. Antiulcer activity of Garcinia indica fruit rind (kokum berry) in rats. Biomedicine & Aging Pathology.,Vol. 4, 309–316, 2014.
5. Antifatigue effect of Murraya koenigii Pharmacologyonline.,Vol. 2: 1025-1037,2011.

Number of Presentations at Scientific Conferences: 25(In last three years)

Awards :
Dr. Mrinal M Sanaye received 2nd prize for oral presentation on “To study effect of Murraya koenigii on perturbations induced by sleep deprivation” presented at 2nd International Congress of the society for Ethnopharmacology at Nagpur on February, 2015
Dr. Mrinal M Sanaye received 1st prize for poster presentation in APTICON 2015

Patent filed by Dr. Mrinal M Sanaye with complete specifications in year 2013 titled “Isolation of carbazole alkaloids from Murraya koenigii leaves.” Application no: 201/MUM/2013

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