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Pharmacognosy is the study of medicinal drugs & Pharmaceutical exciepients derived from plants or other natural sources. . It seeks to embrace a complete understanding of commerce, botany, cultivation, collection, chemistry, enzymology, genetics, quality control and pharmacology of medicinal plants and other materials from natural sources. With the advent of WTO regime from 2005, the Indian systems of traditional medicines with greater emphasis on natural products are emerging as key areas. Herbal drug development using leads from the traditional knowledge and scientific validation using modern technologies will help us compete globally because the country possesses a tremendous medicinal plant wealth.

The Department of Pharmacognosy focuses on Ethnobotanical research, research on traditional ayurvedic plants & formulation, bioactivity guided fractionation of actives from natural sources, search for excipients from natural sources, research for newer neutraceuticals, Standardisation of herbal extracts, & polyherbal formulations, isolation of marker compounds, fingerprinting of herbal extracts, formulation of herbal extracts into stable drug delivery systems. Apart from providing new functional leads the department has expertise to overcome drug development hurdles.

The Department of Pharmacognosy is engaged in the academic and research pursuits for the undergraduate and post-graduate students in Pharmacy by way of imparting knowledge in the various fields of natural products. The department has an undergraduate and a post-graduate research laboratory, a crude drug museum and herbarium specimens of several plant materials. Recognized M.Pharm. and Ph.D. guide in the department Faculty Member (currently guiding post graduate students):

Dr. (Mrs.) Swati S. Patil : Assistant Professor
Grant Sanctioned: Rs 4,54,000/-
Funding Agencies: University of Mumbai, Industry Projects
Areas of Interest:

1. Screening for bioactivities
2. Anti-cancer
3. Anti-HIV
4. Hepatoprotective
5. Polycystic ovarian syndrome
6. Dengue
7. Standardization/fingerprinting of crude drugs, extracts & formulation

Number of Publications in the last five years: 15
Important Publications since 2009:

1. Evaluation of platelet augmentation activity of Carica papaya leaf aqueous extract in rats. Journal of Pharmacognosy &Phytochemistry, Vol. 1(5)58-61, 2013.
2. Comparative Bioavailability studies of calcium from different sources, Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical & Clinical research Vol. 6(1), 146-148, 2013.
3. Synthesis of B-ring substituted flavones and evaluation of their anti-tumor and antioxidant activities, Med Chem Res, Vol. 22(9), 4293-4299, 2013.
4. A Simple HPLC Method for Quantitation of Quercetin in Herbal Extracts, Journal of AOAC International,Vol. 94(1), 100-105, 2011.
5. Glycine max: The Antioxidant & Antihyperlipidemic Nutraceutical. Research Journal Pharmacology & Pharmacodynamics,Vol 2(5):328-33, 2010.
Number of Presentations at Scientific Conferences: 9(In last three years)

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