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The Department of Pharmaceutics is a place where a commitment to excellence and academia, research and development is demonstrated through productivity and success of our faculty. The core activity of the department is to offer training environment that includes formulation development and evaluation as per the compendia standards. Our research focuses on design and development of site specific, time-and/or rate controlled delivery and innovative Nanotechnological solutions for combating a series of diseased states and transferring the technological know-how to the pertinent industry.

The Department has four under graduate laboratory and one post graduate laboratory equipped with sophisticated equipments. The department has a state of art pilot plant facilities and aseptic area. There are five recognized M.Pharm. guides and three Ph.D. guides in the department.


Faculty Members: Dr. (Mrs.) Rajani B.Athawale : HOD and Professor
Dr. (Mrs.) Jessi Shajji : Associate Professor
Dr. (Mrs.) Rita R. Lala : Assistant Professor
Dr. (Mrs.) Nalini S. Kurup : Assistant Professor
Dr. (Ms.) Uma H. Mulimani : Assistant Professor
Mrs. Roopam G. Raut : Assistant Professor
Grant Sanctioned: Rs. 48,03,781/-

Funding Agencies: AICTE, UGC, University of Mumbai,

Areas of Interest:
1. Development of Conventional drug delivery system
2. Development of Generic drug delivery systems
3. Development of Nanoparticulate drug delivery system for anti cancer agents
4. Working in the areas of Nanoparticulate drug delivery systems such as Polymeric Nanoparticles, Liposomes, Solid Lipid Nanoparticles and Nanoemulsions
5. Design and development of Neutraceuticals and Ayurvedic formulations
6. Cosmetics formulation development, irritation and sensitivity testing as per the compendia standards

Number of Publications in the past five years: 39
Important Publications since 2009:

1. Nanoemulsion-based gel formulations of COX-2 inhibitors for enhanced efficacy in inflammatory conditions, Applied Nanoscience.,Vol. 4,143–151,2014.
2. Formulation and Evaluation of herbal microemulsion for controlling hair loss. International Journal Res.Pharm. Sci.,Vol. 4(3), 420– 426, 2013.
3. Formulation of Irbesartan by Microcrystal technology for enhancing the solubility and dissolution properties. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology.,Vol. 6(2), 2064-2076, 2013.
4. Novel double loaded quercetin liposomes: evidence of superior therapeutic potency against ccl4 induced hepatotoxicity – a comparative study. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research.,Vol 5(2), 104-108, 2012.
5. Development of a validated Stability-indicating HPTLC method for determination of meloxicam in bulk and pharmaceutical formulations: Pertinence to ICH guidelines. International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.,Vol. 4, 160-169, 2011. Number of Presentation at Scientific Conferences: 25 (in last three years)

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