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Pharmaceutical Chemistry is a highly collaborative, multifaceted and interdisciplinary branch of pharmacy. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry has a traditional focus on organic synthetic chemistry with broad goals on drug discovery and optimization. Our department has always carried out research encompassing many basic sciences and applied areas including biochemistry, molecular biology, proteomics, genomics and bioinformatics. The collaborative research attitude of our department with the departments of other universities and research organisations exposes our students to wide array of modern research techniques which prepares them for multidisciplinary research in pharmaceutical industry and academic arena. There are four recognized M.Pharm. guides and two recognized Ph.D. guides in the department.

The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry continues its pursuit for excellence.

Faculty Members (currently guiding post graduate students):
Dr. (Mrs.) Urmila J. Joshi : Principal & HOD of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Mr. Pradeep N. Agarwal : Associate Professor
Dr. (Mrs.) Meena A. Kanyalkar : Assistant Professor
Dr. (Mrs.) Archana S. Gurjar : Assistant Professor

Grant Received during last five years: Rs. 93, 50, 772/-
Funding agencies: DBT, ICMR, UGC, University of Mumbai

Areas of Interest:
1. The department is actively involved in design and development of new drugs.
2. Design and development of anti-proliferative compounds targeting EGFR, VEGFR and cdk-2
3. Design and development of anti-viral compounds targeting pandemic flu, dengue and acting on neuraminidase
4. Design and development of drugs for Alzheimer’s disease
5. Synthesis of analogs of natural products including flavonoids and chalcones
Number of Publications in the last five years: 32

Important Publications since 2009:

1. Design, synthesis, in silico and in vitro screening of 1,2,4-thiadiazole analogues as non-peptide inhibitors of beta-secretase. Bioorganic Chemistry.,Vol. 57, 90–98,2014.
2. In vitro anti-proliferative and anti-oxidant activity of Galangin, Fisetin and Quercetin: Role of localization and intermolecular interaction in Model Membrane, European Journal Medicinal Chemistry.,Vol. 79, 102-109, 2014.
3. Localization and Interaction of Hydroxyflavones with Lipid Bilayer Model Membranes: A Study using DSC and Multinuclear NMR. European Journal Medicinal Chemistry.,Vol. 80, 285-294, 2014.
4. Rational development of Neuraminidase Inhibitors as Novel Anti-Flu Drug. Mini Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry.,Vol. 12, 1273-1281, 2012.
5. Search for novel antifungal agents by monitoring fungal metabolites in presence of synthetically designed fluconazole derivatives using NMR spectroscopy. BBA-Biomembranes.,Vol. 1798, 2067-2075 ,2010.
Number of Presentations at Scientific Conferences: 26(In last three years)

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